Bekasi Media cannot stop talking about SVP’s Green Concert! And for a good reason…


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sekolah_victory_plus_gelar_green_concert_peduli_lingkunganBekasi Media cannot stop talking about SVP’s Green Concert!

And for a good reason too, as it was the premiere event of the year, almost 400 staff, students and friends were treated to an evening of formal and classical music, stunning notes reached by the choir, poetry, dance and even visual arts, some works of which were auctioned reaching an additional 12,000,000 RP. on top of approx 20,000,000 Rp from T-shirt sales and ticket donations.  Continue reading

Open House III @SVP – Mandarin theme


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Did you know that all students at SVP are (learning to be) trilingual ?

Did you know that our students learn Mandarin culture and customs ?

Did you know that SVP students can learn the ancient Chinese Martial Arts of Wu Shu or Kung Fu ?

Did you know that our students can access 100% tuition scholarships for the first year of University in Taiwan ?

If not, come along to our next Open House on Feb 11th.

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A website for students to practice UN questions

Info from FSDS, website for students to practice their UN by themselves.

Bapak/ibu yang mempunyai putra/putri kls 6, 9 dan 12 di seluruh Indonesia mulai hari ini dan setiap saat bisa mengikuti latihan / try out UN online gratis, di :
Caranya sangat mudah cukup klik “kerjakan ujian” soal akan langsung tampil dan bisa di kerjakan, jika ragu klik warna kuning, untuk mengakhiri klik saja “Selesai” peserta dapat mengetahui hasil nilainya secara langsung. Soal akan berganti setiap mengulang ujian. Ujian ini bisa di lakukan dari PC, laptop, Tab, maupun Ponsel yg terhubung dengan jaringan internet.
Mohon agar info penting ini disampaikan kepada murid murid kelas 6, 9 dan 12.
Semoga anak2 kita berhasil dalam ujian Nasional 2016-2017, aaaamiiin.

Semoga bermanfaat 😊

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Feel free to visit SVP at our next Open House


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Feel free to visit SVP at our next Open House on Saturday 19th of November 2016.

Sekolah Victory Plus is a bilingual medium sized, non-secular privately funded IB World School with IB and Cambridge Programmes in Kemang Pretama, Bekasi, Indonesia. We have 880 students from Pre-kindy to Secondary Grade 12.

We have a diverse student and staff body that is mainly Indonesian in background. SVP has staff and students representing five of the official religions recognised by Indonesia.

Our Alumni attend Universities around the world, including University California, Berkeley, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Monash University, University of Edinburgh, Universiteit Twente, Kaplan University, Singapore, Curtin University, Universitas Pelita Harapan and Universitas Indonesia.