SVP Celebrates Indonesia’s Independence Day 2017


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Every year we celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day 2017 (August 17th is a national holiday, so usually the day afterwards). We always start with a formal flag raising ceremony, including singing of the national anthem, Indonesia Raya. Afterwards students and teachers change into red and white clothing. (white on bottom, of course).

Several of our class blogs have shared their activities for the day, you can read here;

Baby Gym


Grade 5

more photos here.

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When geopolitics interferes with our school plans


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The recent Qatar crisis in which 7 middle eastern neighbouring counties have closed their borders with Qatar has an immediate effect on us here at Sekolah Victory Plus. One of our expats who is in English right now was due to fly here on Qatar Air via Doha… that flight has been canceled. And of course, since it is close to the holiday period of Lebaran all the other flights are close to booked and very expensive.

But even more challenging is one of our other new expats, a British National, is currently living and working in Qatar, fortunately, he had not purchased his ticket yet and currently looking to see what ticket he can buy to Jakarta. Of course, if the crisis gets any worse he may end up trapped in Qatar (we hope not)


PENDIDIKAN VICTORY PLUS: Praktik Langsung di Lapangan


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mengenal-tanamanSiswi SMA Victory Plus Bekasi didampingi Kepala Sekolah Hendriadi Yasir, mengikuti aktivitas warga setempat memanen tanaman Lamtoro atau Petai Cina. – JIBI/Uli Febriarni, KULON PROGO – SMA Victory Plus Bekasi sejauh ini memiliki pandangan bahwa pembelajaran yang terbaik adalah ketika siswa melihat, merasakan, dan melakukan banyak hal dengan sendirinya.

“Dusun ini ibarat sebuah laboratorium pembelajaran bermasyarakat bagi mereka, bukan hanya mempelajarinya di sekolah,” ujar Kepala Sekolah Victory Plus Hendriadi Yasir di sela-sela kegiatan Live In 20-22 April 2017.  Continue reading

Run for Victory Race Series 2017


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17201283_10154974020509435_6511598554085433626_nAre you ready ? Have you been training ? Tomorrow morning 248 racers from different schools in Bekasi will be lining up at the start line to Run for Victory! May be the best racer win, but may everybody have fun! Even Pak Liam will be running tomorrow! (but not very fast) Up to 21 Million Rp and prizes available to winners in different categories!

And don’t worry if you are not a speedy athlete, we also have many, many cool door prizes as well! Click below to see the race route maps!  Continue reading

Bekasi Media cannot stop talking about SVP’s Green Concert! And for a good reason…


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sekolah_victory_plus_gelar_green_concert_peduli_lingkunganBekasi Media cannot stop talking about SVP’s Green Concert!

And for a good reason too, as it was the premiere event of the year, almost 400 staff, students and friends were treated to an evening of formal and classical music, stunning notes reached by the choir, poetry, dance and even visual arts, some works of which were auctioned reaching an additional 12,000,000 RP. on top of approx 20,000,000 Rp from T-shirt sales and ticket donations.  Continue reading

Open House III @SVP – Mandarin theme


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Did you know that all students at SVP are (learning to be) trilingual ?

Did you know that our students learn Mandarin culture and customs ?

Did you know that SVP students can learn the ancient Chinese Martial Arts of Wu Shu or Kung Fu ?

Did you know that our students can access 100% tuition scholarships for the first year of University in Taiwan ?

If not, come along to our next Open House on Feb 11th.

Oriental SVP.jpg

A website for students to practice UN questions

Info from FSDS, website for students to practice their UN by themselves.

Bapak/ibu yang mempunyai putra/putri kls 6, 9 dan 12 di seluruh Indonesia mulai hari ini dan setiap saat bisa mengikuti latihan / try out UN online gratis, di :
Caranya sangat mudah cukup klik “kerjakan ujian” soal akan langsung tampil dan bisa di kerjakan, jika ragu klik warna kuning, untuk mengakhiri klik saja “Selesai” peserta dapat mengetahui hasil nilainya secara langsung. Soal akan berganti setiap mengulang ujian. Ujian ini bisa di lakukan dari PC, laptop, Tab, maupun Ponsel yg terhubung dengan jaringan internet.
Mohon agar info penting ini disampaikan kepada murid murid kelas 6, 9 dan 12.
Semoga anak2 kita berhasil dalam ujian Nasional 2016-2017, aaaamiiin.

Semoga bermanfaat 😊

welcome to be share

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