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“People who make music together cannot be enemies, at least while the music lasts.”

-Paul Hindemith, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Currently Sekolah Victory Plus is hosting 30 students from Netherlands, Best as part of a cross cultural immersion project. (we will be visiting later in March). One of the aspects of Indonesian culture that we are sharing is the traditional musical instrument known as the angklung.

When we first informed the Dutch students that they would be learning a new instrument and then performing in front of the whole school, they were understandably apprehensive. However, they soon learned that the angklung is both easy and simple to learn the basics of and that anyone can play it.

They are now up to their third lesson and have played pop songs, even the sound track to Pirates of the Caribbean, and are almost ready to perform in front of our whole school, Sekolah Victory Plus, in Bekasi.