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religious camp at Sekolah Victory Plus, best school in East Jakarta & Bekasi

Religious Instruction

Each year at Sekolah Victory Plus (SVP) we hold a Religious Camp for all children in Grades 4,5 and 6. Now, it is important to note that at Sekolah Victory Plus we have representatives of five of the six official religions recognised by the Indonesian government. (Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism and Buddhism but we do not yet have any teachers or students who follow Confucianism). 

So teachers and students of each religion are able to study and pray together, all at the same time at our campus in Kemang Pratama, Bekasi. Normal classes for the day are put aside as our students focus exclusively on their personal religion for two days. (Friday and Saturday).

Partially because this is a government educational requirement (DIKNAS), partially because we think that students praying together and next to each other improves diversity, understanding and tolerance.

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getting ready for a sleep over at SVP

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morning warm up games

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religious camp islam Best school in East Jakarta Bekasi

Islam students practice their Muslim ‘sholat mahgrib’