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JIS IB DUNIA Conference 2014

photo source : Ibu Frida Widjaya

The IB Dunia networks in Indonesia have a strong history of working together. As educators we need to constantly update our professional knowledge and share strategies with other educators in order to improve. (Life long learners).

The IB Dunia Coordinator networks regularly run teacher conferences and training. Each year a different school hosts the IB Dunia Teachers’ Conference. The keynote address was by PakĀ Vivek Bammi, a JIS TOK teacher of 25 years and his topic was “My IB Dunia Journey”We then broke off into smaller groups and joined several breakout sessions which numbered over fifty, with a variety of topics, some subject and IB specific, and some just relating to best practise for pedagogical skills.

To give you an idea, some topics were digital skills in the 21st Century, the MYP Unit Planner, ATL and the subject objectives, Getting the most out of ManageBac, reflective thinking and even religion comparisons.

In between breakout sessions teachers and principals made new acquaintances, met up with old and networked together.

While the teachers attended sessions and improved their professional knowledge, approximately 40 Head of Schools, Directors and Principals also met and discussed the new laws relating to SPK schools, how we could better collaborate and show, and also discussed the possibility of us forming an Association of IB Schools in Indonesia. This idea met with mixed reaction and is not yet a certainty, but we have a steering committee who have committed to investigating more.