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11015090_960259123986620_3943161810985221216_nOur annual charity concert was a resounding success. The weeks and months of hard work paid off and the audience of parents, friends and supporters were treated to a symphony of sound combined with a Visual Arts Auction that helped us raise around 70 Million Rupiah, which will be donated to Yayasan Kanker Anak, or the Children’s Cancer Charity in Indonesia. (at the request of the students involved).

Research shows that students involved in activities such as Choir or Band show higher achievement on standardized test scores due to their increased levels of dedication, commitment and concentration required. But that is a side benefit, rather than a reason to practise and be involved. The joy of performing, the fact that performing in a group like this the end result is always greater than the sum of it’s parts. The simple joy of the music itself is reason enough to spend those hours and hours of practise!

To then know that they also helped contribute to awareness and donations to a worthy charity is also added satisfaction.

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