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Sekolah Ciputra visit SVP

Sekolah Ciputra’s Visit to Sekolah Victory Plus

As an active member of the IB PYP Dunia, Sekolah Victory Plus has good relationship with the other IB Schools around Indonesia. We share, learn and collaborate with each other in order to improve ourselves and the education we offer our students.

Being Knowledgeable Inquirers is very important, not only for our students but also our teaching staff. Thus on 19th March 2015, we had a school visit from Sekolah Ciputra, Surabaya. There were four Grade 6 teachers and their PYP Coordinator. Ibu Yustina and Pak Liam welcomed them to our school.

The aim of this visit was to share and learn more about our recent PYP Exhibition and the process. Bu Nelda and Bu Rindu, our grade 6 teachers enthusiastically shared our successes and areas to improve our PYP Exhibition to our guests. We also learned a lot from them, as they also have experienced organizing and running the PYP Exhibitions for many years.

We were more than happy to host such a visit and are ready for the next visit from Sekolah Bogor Raya, Bogor in April.

-Early Kurnia Hapsari/ PYP Coordinator-