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The Grade 12 players will bring Elizabethan entertainment to your classroom for a personal performance of The Taming of The Shrew on Thursday 23rd April.

Book your performance by adding your class name to the schedule. Don’t worry if you cannot make the timetabled class performances because the lunch time recitals will be open to all.

You already know the story ( from the film ‘Ten Things I Hate about You):

Bianca is not allowed to go out with a potential husband until after her mean, crazy, older sister Katherina (the ‘Shrew’) is married. The play is a comedy about how Katherina is forced to fit in with her family’s plans for her. But is she really ‘tamed’ at the end of the story or is she just pretending?

You decide!

Period time class Players

1 7:40 – 8.00 8 Atlantic The CSVP players

2 8:30 – 8:50 9 Everest The ASVP players

3 9:30 – 9:50 The CSVP players

4 10:10 -10:30 7 America The ASVP players

lunch 11:40- 12:00 Remaining secondary – in ground floor garden The ASVP players

lunch 12:10– 12:30 Grades 5/6 primary – in ground floor garden The ASVP players

1:00-1:20 7 Asia The CSVP players

1:30-1:50 10 Milkyway The CSVP players

Teachers – please ensure you have the projector plugged in ready and working as we will project images to set the scene. It would be helpful if students knew a little about the bard before they see the play (there’s some material about Shakespeare on our Google drive ).