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20150512_124205Face to Faith is a project connecting over 120,000 young students around the world from across 20 countries to talk about religion and it’s influence on their schools and countries. They have a lofty goal of trying to prevent religious conflict and extremism, an issue that is completely relevant to Indonesians today.

Face to Faith works across the world delivering a pioneering education programme to help prevent religious conflict and extremism. We help students embrace an open-minded approach to others, to diversity and to difference that can lead to tolerant stable societies.

The concept is that by talking to each other and sharing their own experiences the students will gain a greater understanding of the commonality of humanity and be less likely to be attracted to hate or extremism.

Last week a group of students from our Face to Faith programme had a skype conversation with a group of Israeli and Palestinian students. I hope that they found this sharing to be beneficial, interesting and learned that it does not matter what religion you are, students are the same across the world and have the same concerns about studying, about parents, about friends and similar concerns about the world’s issues of environmental sustainability, about religious peace, about economic fairness.


At SVP we do not represent one religion; we have classes and prayers for the five major religions in Indonesia. Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist. Our staff and studentsĀ are all representative of each of these religions but all mix together harmoniously.