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2015-06-04 13.39.32Last Friday KemDikBud hosted an Education and Technology Conference that included a panel of students discussing their opinion with regards to education and how they view technology. A host, B.Aini from Sekolah Victory Plus asked them various questions and allowed them to answer. Their responses were measured, thoughtful and interesting. I think as adults and as educators we need to listen to this student voice, and there may be some lessons that we need to take heed of !

This audience was made up of Principals, Directors and Heads of Schools from SPK and National Schools in Indonesia. There was over 200 or 300 people present. Some of the most interesting student responses are recorded here. 

Students’ voice at KemDikBud.

Host: Can you imagine a world without the internet or technology?


I cannot imagine the world without internet. What can you do ? You could not study, you could not play online games.

Host: What do you wish for teachers to do to help you learn?


Only some teachers use technology and presentations, I wish that all did, because the learning is easier and more convenient.

At my school we have lots of broken technology and they don’t fix it anymore. I wish they would fix all the broken things.

Some teachers are good, but some are a bit boring and I wish they would all help us to help us understand and to study individually.

I think the teachers in my school are already perfect.

I wish teachers who teach but can also help us build our characters.

I wish they would use more playing of games to help motivate us to learn.

Some teachers do not teach us, they just tell us to learn it ourselves.

There is a strong connection between globalization and the internet.

Host: How do you use the internet for learning?


At school we use it for browsing and for research. At home I use it for online games, to stream movies and download games.

Host: Can you imagine the world in 30 years from now?


Kids learn faster and are more into gadgets, learning will be much more engaging.

People from different times & places getting together.– time travel.

There will be internet for everything and everywhere. (flying cars, flying machines.) – therefore no phones, etc. needed, just internet on everything including on the walls.

Flying people, jetpacks, internet will evolve. Right now there is a lot of technologies that is really useful. You will be able to just use glasses to watch programmes.

Everything will be connected to the internet. Gadgets etc. Transportation. Carcinogenic gases will be increased.

Conferences via holograms to meet people around the world.

Other planets, high tech rocket ships and make Earth a better place.

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