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Yustina Seminar Parenting Expert

Yustina Seminar Parenting Expert

At Sekolah Victory Plus our mission statement explicitly states that;

“we will involve parents as partners in creating a meaningful learning environment”

and one way in which we ensure this is by supporting our PSG’s events, on this particular occasion Ibu Yustina Ries Sunarti was speaking to the parents as part of a series about effective parenting, teenagers and self esteem, with a topic title of “Mum, How can you make us like this?; How to build your child’s self esteem”.

We had a sell out group of mothers there, all dressed in the batik theme. Everyone was expected to participate and share, as our PSG wants our parents to learning as our children do, not just passively listening. (or sitting in an audience playing on a phone and chatting!) But all of our parents are great, and the session went over the allotted time because we had so many parents sharing and asking great questions.

Finally, they finished with some door prizes for several lucky moms! 

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