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2015-08-27 08.18.48BINUS are building a new school in Bekasi, at SVP we are very excited to see a new international standard school being built, but they will be applying the Cambridge Programme, rather than International Baccalaureate that we use (though note, that SVP uses the prestigious International Baccalaureate as well as the Cambridge International Examinations’ As and A levels and the National Curriculum, (Kurriculum Nasional or UN). BINUS are fulfilling a need for another quality school in Bekasi. This shows that Bekasi is growing and becoming more affluent. We welcome BINUS to Bekasi and hope that we can work together as partner schools in different events and thus give our students ever greater opportunities and learning experiences.

Last week, BINUS arranged a ground breaking ceremony attheir site, Vida, which is not far from Kemang Pratama. Pak Liam, Ibu Esti and Ibu Christina attended in support of our partner school. It was a very interesting ceremony, their plans looks very exciting and we welcome them to Bekasi ! 

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