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Iqbal scholar and previous SVP teacherPak Iqbal has landed in the UK, a previous teacher at Sekolah Victory Plus as taken up a £40,000 scholarship offer to study full time at the University of Bristol.
1. Full name : M. Iqbal Maulana

2. Place & date of birth:
Pringsewu, 05 Mei 1991
3. Last education background:
Bachelor of Education/English Language Teaching
4. Graduated from:
USBI/Sampoerna University 2014
5. Philosophy in education : 
Teach, then you learn!
6. Your achievement (scholarship award name):
LPDP (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan)-Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
 7.   (amount/details that the scholarship covers):
Full or GBP 40.000 (IDR 836.000.000)
 8. (length of time needed):
Will be taking M.Sc TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Program, at The University of Bristol, United Kingdom, from September 2015-October 2016 (14 Months)
9. Details of what you will be doing :
He will be attending a full time Postgraduate/Master Program majoring TESOL at The University of Bristol, United Kingdom. The program will provide and equip him to be a qualified English teacher by deeply acquiring pedagogical approaches and methods. This program also requires him to submit a well-arranged and useful dissertation at the end of the study to measure that a certain pedagogical teaching approach is well implemented in the classroom or not. 
10. How you got the award ? 
I applied to the intended university and give several required documents (IELTS, Diploma Certificates, Transcript and Letters of Reference/Recommendation). When the university offered a place for me, I applied for the Scholarship program offered by LPDP (Ministry of Finance). To get the scholarship, I needed to pass through several selection processes such as Documents, Forum Group Discussion and Interview. I got this scholarship because, firstly, I had a dream to study abroad in a reputable university without spending any personal money. Secondly, I got persistent towards several rejections previously. Thirdly, teaching always becomes a prioritised profession by the scholarship sponsors so they will find that there are numbers of young people caring for Education in Indonesia as the knowledge obtained will obviously be transferred to the students.