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inquiry based teaching and learning Open House 2We throw our doors open this Saturday 14th of November for a regular school day in which we will be open to all parents and public who would like to visit and watch a ‘normal school day’. This will be an Open House in which we allow parents and visitors a chance to wander around the school and see all the classes ‘in action!’. We invite you to attend to gain a better feeling for what inquiry based, student centred lessons really are all about.

All students are expected to be at school, and will be involved in their classes using a Monday timetable, with the following exceptions.

  1. There will not be any flag raising ceremony, so students may arrive at school at 8.00am to start their regular classes at 8.15am
  2. Monday school uniform is the expectation for staff and students.
  3. Since it is a Saturday we will finish all PS classes at 1.30pm & SS classes at 2.00pm.
  4. A number of students will be involved as ambassadors, tour leaders or chaperones, these roles are appreciated, but they will be required to catch up on any lessons missed.

Any students who really cannot attend on that day, must seek permission from their relevant principal, and must catch up on all work missed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your child’s principal at school.