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SVO Banner 10 Years

We started implementing the international Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) exactly ten years ago today, 11 Nov 2005. (although we had been in operation for 8 years prior to that) 

Since then we have become a leader in IB Education in Bekasi and East Greater Jakarta, leading workshops, hosting a teacher conference, running community service projects, parent sessions and workshops and attending many other events as well. Several of our staff are workshop leaders within the IB Asia Pacific Community, leading workshops across Asia from India, Australia, Japan and even Papua New Guinea.

Our current PYP Coordinator is also the Chair of the Dunia PYP Coordinators Network and our other PYP Coordinator is the Secretary for Dunia PYP Coordinators Network, our Head of School was the previous Chair of the Dunia MYP  Coordinators Network and is also a current IB Asia Pacific Ambassador for MYP in Indonesia.