SVP team (1)Last Monday, a team of IB staff held a one day symposium for IB schools, interested schools, teachers, principals and educational officials at the Mulia Hotel in Jakarta. The theme was “Inquiry-based learning and authentic assessment in the IB continuum” and it specifically focussed on how IB programmes can provide schools with effective educational frameworks and authentic assessment models to meet the diverse learning needs of the 21st century and at the same time meet the local, state and national requirements.

Approximately 120 people from dozens of schools, including a group of schools from Malaysia braved the infamous Jakarta traffic to attend.

IMG_8058Guest presenter was Mr Robert Harrison, Head of MYP Development fly in from the Hague, Netherlands, who spent some time explaining concept based learning and how it is applied in the IB. He also outlined the optional eAssessment details and talked about how the IB is working with schools in their local context.

Authentic Assessment Example 1. 


but if we change this same assessment to something slightly more authentic, then it may look like this.


or extend it further so it looks like this.


Authentic Assessment Example 2. 

a traditional question may look like this,


but if we modify it slightly,


It becomes more real, more engaging, and more lasting.

Inquiry based learning Example 1. 

Instead of telling the students to learn formulae for speed, vectors and stopping distances of cars etc, give them an inquiry into…


Inquiry based learning Example 2. 

Instead of telling students about climate in the past, and how scientists determine the ages of fossils, give them a project in which they are historical detectives.


Pathways to success: Planning a continuum of IB education in a local context.

The final session of the day was a panel of 3 local experts and Mr Robert Harrison.