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sekolah_victory_plus_gelar_green_concert_peduli_lingkunganBekasi Media cannot stop talking about SVP’s Green Concert!

And for a good reason too, as it was the premiere event of the year, almost 400 staff, students and friends were treated to an evening of formal and classical music, stunning notes reached by the choir, poetry, dance and even visual arts, some works of which were auctioned reaching an additional 12,000,000 RP. on top of approx 20,000,000 Rp from T-shirt sales and ticket donations. 

Sekolah Victory Plus holds this event every second year, and donates all proceeds to different charities. This year the committee decided to donate to their immediate environment, meeting with the mayor to arrange how best to donate/spend the money raised. Tickets to the event without prices, as they are on a ‘donation basis’ only.

Truly a memorable evening and probably the best event of the year in Bekasi !

Read Below for a list of Bekasi and Jakarta Media whom reported on our Green Concert.


Sekolah Victory Plus Gelar Green Concert Peduli Lingkungan



Kepala Sekolah Victory Plus yakin Green Concert mampu pengaruhi seni dan kognitif pelajar


Konser amal Sekolah Victory Plus ajak pelajar peduli lingkungan


Saluran Satu

Konser Amal Sekolah Victory Plus Ajak Pelajar Bangun Peduli Lingkungan


WWF Indonesia (with whom we gratefully partnered.

Panda Mobil Semarakkan Green Concert Victory Plus School


Info Bekasi

Green Concert, Salurkan Seni Siswa untuk Penggalangan Dana Lingkungan Hidup